Rock Bands


    Rock Bands: (ages 12-16)

  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Popular Music (Rock, pop, R&B…)
  • Singer/ Songwriter Programs
  • Performance & Scholarship Opportunities

Get ready to perform in your very own Garage Band!
Learn how to perform songs in the styles of rock, pop, and funk. You will write original music and re-arrange cover tunes with your group, decide on a band name and create the “Look” of your group. Master classes with Groove Academy music teachers happen throughout the year on composing, tricks to soloing and developing stronger performance techniques. Performers will work towards performances… so be sure to invite friends and family to watch you play in your band!

Fee G.A. Discount Start Date Last Class Show
$65/month $50 x (2) for 2 children
or $40 if enrolled in private lessons
Sept. 17
April 12
March 15
June 21
March 17
June 23

Term 1: September-December
Term 2: January-March
Term 3: April-June


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